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Please read these terms and conditions of service carefully, as they contain important information regarding your rights, resources and legal obligations.
They include several limitations, an article for the jurisdiction rules about dispute resolution and obligations of applicable enforcement.

Important terms

iLuxenio offers an Internet platform that connects architects who have projects and buildings with customers looking for their new house to be build.

"User" refers to the person who registers on the Website and looks for villas.
"Villas" refers to the houses (images, description, videos) that are published by the architects.
"Architect" refers to the person who registers on the internet platform and publish works (villas).
"Contents" refers to the texts, graphics, images, music, software (Application excluded), audio, video, information or other materials.
"iLuxenio's Contents" refers to all the Contents that iLuxenio offers by the web platform, the application or the services, or by the corresponding promotional campaigns and official social networks, including any Content licensed by a third party, but excluding Content from Members.
"Collective Contents" refers to the users' Contents, architects' Contents and iLuxenio's Contents.
"Member's Contents" refers to all contents an architect or an user publishes, uploads, posts, transmit, or include in its advertisement, its member profile or an iLuxenio promotion campaign to make them available through the Website, the Application or the Services.

Terms and conditions of the service

The services that make up iLuxenio Internet platform do not correspond to a real state agency, agent or insurer. iLuxenio has no control over the behaviour from users, architects or people who uses the service. It assumes no responsibility in this regard.

This Website and its related services are exclusively for use by persons over the age of 18. Any access to or use of the Website or Services to persons under 18 years of age is expressly prohibited. By accessing or using iLuxenio, you State that you are over 18 years of age.

The Website and its services can be used to show villas and luxury houses (for architects) or also to look for those luxury houses that meet your whishing requirements (for users), in order to know timing, terms and characteristics to observe if you want to build a villa or luxury house.

iLuxenio offers a platform with technology for users and architects to get in contact with each other via Internet, can establish contact, ask questions, and ultimately establish a virtual relationship in which both benefit.

iLuxenio it's not the owner, nor sells, resells, rent or sublet, nor even manages or controls the villas or luxury houses shown on the website.

Unless expressly stated otherwise in the platform, the responsibilities of iLuxenio are limited to the Website
You must take into account that, as indicated above, the Website and our services are intended to be used for architects and users to come into contact.

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