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Antonio Gallego:

Antonio Gallego is an industrial engineer with extensive experience in the construction sector. He is iLuxenio CEO in charge of coordinating the team and acting as interlocutor between all the agents involved in iLuxenio.

Praxedes Iglesias:

Praxedes Iglesias is the architect of iLuxenio, COO of the company. In charge of the operative part of iLuxenio, she works closely together with the architects in order to deliver an outstanding service to our clients every day. She also brings a global business approach to the company.

Patricia Martín:

Patricia Martín has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Business Strategy, and an extensive experience in new digital business models. She is CMO of iLuxenio managing the digital strategy of the company.

Marta Andújar:

Marta Andújar has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Public Relations. As Marketing Media Manager of iLuxenio, she is in charge of the entire communication strategy. Furthermore, she is responsible for the Inbound Marketing actions and the Marketing Plan of the company

Paula Pérez:

Paula Pérez has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and a Master's degree in Marketing from Cajasol Institute. As Key Account Manager of iLuxenio, her main responsibilities include supporting Praxedes in the operational part of the business, being fully dedicated to the continuous management of iLuxenio's clients

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