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Frequently asked questions

What is iLuxenio?

It is a Web platform for those who are looking for professionals in the field of luxury residential building. If you are looking for professionals to help you design and build or to rehabilitate in a sustainable way, sign up: from semi-detached houses to luxury villas, buildings in urban and historic centres or outside the urban area, single-family houses or residential complexes or any type of accommodation.

Why choose iLuxenio?

We guarantee your relationship with the architectural and construction professionals of your choice, supervising the process from the initial consulting to the end of the work. We provide contract models and advise on the integral management of your project.
In addition, iLuxenio has selected the professionals with greater prestige, solvency and guarantees.

What are the advantages of contacting a design and construction team through iLuxenio?

In iLuxenio we go with you throughout all the process: from the selection of architecture and construction professionals to the delivery of keys, with the advantage of counting with contract models, advice and reference rates when needed.
We put at your disposal a set of selected and homologated professionals which are approved with demanding criteria on technical solvency and experience in the exclusive residential market, guaranteeing that their rates are appropriate to the services offered. You will not pay more than necessary, nor dedicate time and resources in the selection of professionals.

Where can I build?

At iLuxenio we offer our services in Spain and Portugal, without affecting the price of our services. Very soon we will expand our activity area.

How to register in iLuxenio and obtain a user account?

1. To register at iLuxenio and open your account you must register on our Website following this link.
2. A window will open, where you must fill in a form with the "identification data" (your name and surname, phone, email), accept the Terms and Conditions of use of iLuxenio and click on "continue".
3. You will then receive an email confirming your membership.
If you have any questions please contact or through the contact page

Does it cost having an iLuxenio account?

No. The account has no cost. No commissions for opening, maintenance or access to the professionals who frame iLuxenio.

How do we select the professionals who integrate iLuxenio?

All the professionals who publish their work have proven their technical, economic and financial solvency, and have made available to iLuxenio the documentation that accredits them to carry out their work.
In addition, all the professionals of architecture, design and construction have a long experience in the luxury residential market, with great projects that guarantee their trajectory.
We have selected the best professionals and homologated their experience through a rigorous selection process based on the opinion of their clients.

Value services

If you need it, we can put you in touch with legal advice specialized in Real Estate or with agents specialized in the search of land for free. At iLuxenio we want you to have a global solution.

Will I pay more if I contract professionals through iLuxenio?

Quite the opposite. In iLuxenio, if needed, we offer you a contract model with the architects and construction companies as well as rates based on the guideline fees recommended by the official schools of architects and the Society of Real Estate Asset Management. ( /2015/05/27/pdfs/BOE-A-2015-5823.pdf)

How will I meet with the professionals if I am not in their city or country?

In iLuxenio we put at your disposal:
- Our digital platform, through which you can communicate with them.
- A videoconference room to have a telepresence meeting.
- Meeting rooms throughout all the geography.

Who bills me and charges for professional services?

Each of the professionals who carry out the work. We provide the contact and facilitate the relationship with the professionals, but the contractual relationship is established with the contracted professionals.

What happens if I contact an architect but is not what I was looking for?

In iLuxenio you will be able to contact with all the architects you want.

What happens if I do the project but at the end I do not build it?

ILuxenio is a flexible platform. You can advance your project of work as much as you want and abandon the process in the phase that you consider.

I have more questions. Where can I solve them?

Send us an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

With a simple click and completely free of charge

We take care of your tranquillity and confidence,
by contacting professionals of proven experience and solvency