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    Choose your style

    Have fun, filter, search...decide on your own the projects that define your style, the space you need, the finishes you want...

  • Choose and meet the professionals

    Once you have found the project that best resembles your dream, you will have the possibility to make an appointment. We put all the technological resources at your disposal so that you can make an appointment, receive information by email, receive a phone call or have a first meeting by videoconference. We make it easier for you to contact the professionals that best suit your style.

  • Preliminary design

    After precisely defining how you want to design your house, the team of professionals that you have selected will present you a detailed preliminary design. iLuxenio will always guide and advise you throughout the process every time you need it.

  • Project

    It includes the preliminary design as well as the construction project. You will receive all the required documentation to get your house built. Without worrying as you will never pay more than necessary.

  • Select the building company

    In iLuxenio we have exhaustive selection criteria to offer only the best professionals in the field of architecture and construction. Our main objective is your peace of mind and that both the design project and the execution of the work meet your expectations. Our selection criteria are based on ensuring that professionals comply with the quality, sustainability and commitment policies you deserve.

  • Build your dream

    In iLuxenio we also remain at your disposal during the construction stage, giving you advice any time you want until the delivery of the keys, solving your possible doubts about deadlines, costs and conditions.

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