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Are you thinking about building or renovating your dream house?
iLuxenio is a perfect way to start (this journey)
  1. Enter iLuxenio website and have fun discovering how your future home would look like. Start by selecting a new project or a renovation.
  2. The next step is to decide on the building typology; it can be a villa/chalet or a house in the city.
  3. Then, select the quality level you want (premium, high quality or medium quality).
  4. Now tell us more about the location (coast, urban, rural area, historical centre) where you would like to build your dream house.
  5. What is the style (rustic, classic / Mediterranean, Zen / minimalist) that you like the most?
  6. And finally, select if you already have a defined location. Do not worry if you don’t, iLuxenio can get you in contact with real estate professionals that will offer you available sites all over Spain.
Having defined these parameters, we will show you some houses already built that meet your requirements and will also give you an estimated price of what the construction of YOUR DREAM HOUSE may cost.
Remember: You can easily save and modify these parameters every time you want; adjusting the budget to what best suits your needs!
Build or renovate your luxury villa with iLuxenio.