About us

iLuxenio was born from the digitalization of Detea, a construction company based in Seville with more than 30 years of experience.
iLuxenio represents an innovative business process, a new approach to the usual relationship between clients, designers, real estate agencies and construction companies.
For those who want to build a bespoke luxury villa, iLuxenio will guide them through this process, which starts by defining a building typology and its architectural style, ultimately providing an estimated cost to the client. They can also establish direct contact with renowned architects. This process, supported by experienced professionals, ensures we understand and fulfil our clients’ needs at the best prices on the market. This is particularly useful when you do not know any professional in the area, as is the case of foreigners who would like a new house in Spain that is not already pre-designed or built.
For architects, iLuxenio offers them the opportunity to connect with potential clients in a completely digital way. The platform presents diverse collaboration possibilities for different professionals such as real estate agents, who provide building site options; decoration companies; or even management companies, law firms and tax advisors.
Client: you can search through different houses and contact architects to progressively turn a unique bespoke project into the house you have always dreamt about.
Architect: you can present your best projects to potential clients interested in enjoying an exclusive bespoke house.
Professionals: we offer you a new way to promote your business through a digital platform.

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