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House in a vineyard

Zamora (Zamora), España
Information sheet
  • Construction type: New Build
  • Construction type: Luxury villa
  • Location type: Rural area
  • Villa style: Modern
  • Villa quality: High quality
  • Pool: Outdoor


The trapezoid shaped plot, practically flat, is split into two parts: one on the northern end where a vineyard is planted, and the other on the southern border in which we find a tree grove with deciduous trees (chestnuts and walnuts) and evergreen species (pine trees and holm oaks).

The hous is placed at the center of the plot, dividing it in the two parts metioned above, in the form of a diaphragm. It is a pure concrete cuboid, which is interrupted in its central section where the living dining room is located by two 9 x 2,5 m. glass boxes, on the north and south faces. In this way a visual transparency is produced connecting the area of the vineyard with that of the tree grove.

The house is conceived, from the start, with sustainability criteria. The most important:

  • A green roof, formed by succulent plants with low water requirements
  • Shutters with insulating guide rails and sun protection awnings which open or close according to the season and the sun conditions
  • Cross ventilation, where the openings in the concrete prism produce ventilation in two directions, one north-south and the oter east-west

Two internal rooms, bathrooms, installations and kitchens distribute the interior space by means of a central living dining room area and two bedrooms along the side. The openings in the concrete volume produce two visual axes in the form of a cross, one crosswise through the living room, and the other lengthwise connecting the bedrooms. On the other hand, the pool area is linked to the volume of the house, in the central glazed area, producing an effect of continuity between outside and inside.

A budget

for a villa like this

High quality

  • Coating:

    • Non-slip stoneware floors in terrace and solarium.
    • Non-slip stoneware floors, large format, in bathrooms and kitchens.
    • Marble pavements in the rest of the villa.
    • Stoneware tiled, large format, in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Windows and exterior elements:

    • Wood security main acces door.
    • Aluminum windows, termal bridge break, tilt opening, doublé glazed and motorized blind.
  • Doors and interior elements:

    • Solid wood interior doors.
    • Fitted wardrobes with interior panels and wooden front.
  • Home automation and telecomunications:

    • Automatic control of blinds, diferents scenes of light son and off.
    • USB in bedrooms.
  • Air conditioning:

    • Complete installation of air conditioning with heat pump.
  • Security:

    • Alarm with motion sensors.
  • Urbanization:

    • Grass area, hedges and planters. Automatic irrigation and areas of trees of autochthonus species.
    • Swimming pool with solárium area.
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